Monday, November 23, 2015

The dependence of success and happiness

    So break on the last day of May 11. According to the plan, this time I've had success. Yet the success to me now is still an idea. A slightly sad feelings gush all over my body. I know to never succeed here? Longing in my success has turned into sorrow. I began to feel disappointed. Tomorrow I will step on a new journey to ensure success in the near future. When the program finished there, the only thing I can do is wait to its success.

Friday, November 20, 2015

I will change myself

      These days I feel very tired in person. The project that I pursued for years with no signs of success. And my body, it almost seemed to be weak already. I was not eager to begin a new day again. I fell into the expected. I would expect my work to be successful. I would expect my love will find me. Why I do not think, if I'm not really trying to work. My job then how can you succeed? Maybe that will forever it never succeeded. If I do not succeed at work, my life is still sinking in poverty, whether my love come to me? If love has come to me, if he'll accept me? He could love me? He is happy with me? And he had a wife to marry me? But I have enough confidence and happy with him? I have enough power to keep him in the side for the rest of your life?

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Thoughts on calendar

     Previously I had thought only wall calendar for dates and months in a year. And I was moving away from viewing habits wall calendar date to a calendar on your phone ever not know. So yesterday I had to tear up a calendar at 6 months, because every day I did not tear away a piece of history. You know what did not happen? A large calendar and so much thick, suddenly became very thin it to about 40 calendars. For about 40 days and was turned in 2016 already. I feel the time passed quickly. New day I was joyfully received the gift from my business partner's 2 large calendar of 2015. Yet nearly a year has passed already. Knowing how many intend, ambition for 2015 was not completed in time. Yet again in 2016 rapidly approaches.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Love and passion

     What is love? I do not know too. But when love each other, they will certainly treated very well together, and when in love, the spirit of the people is very refreshing They feel happy and peaceful when we are together. People have love in their hearts, their wisdom so that a lot of thinking. Helping them could do a lot of great things for love. Strength, determination, and courage to overcome difficulties in their lives and above all very strong. Therefore, people with love, most of them are those who succeed in life.

I am an intellectual disability

     Discovers itself flawed than others. My heart felt a little sad. Therefore, it is. It turned out that my body developed quite misleading. So that's the part I need to try to develop, I ignore, complain not really necessary to develop, I foster and promote it. Perhaps because of that, I had a life before failure 33 years that I have nothing in hand. I still like a 13 or 14 year old child of about 16 years ago. Maybe that day I was hurt very big hearts. My life was very difficult. I have a problem lies in friendship, sisterhood, and relationships with teachers in schools. My father died when I was very young, my mother while they decided to marry a new husband. Mother was very eager to be born is the better my child. The concern is not with my mother gave me great hurt.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Learning and hard work will help me succeed

        They do not know my work, it will succeed again. I'm feeling anxious. Because it looks like my project there is no progress whatsoever. I do not know why but my project such damage. Attempts to overcome my problem is almost no results. Maybe I should wait a while longer. But I myself do not know, I need to wait for ever, and whether my expectations as my results are desired or not? What can I do to improve the deadlock in this heart?

Monday, November 2, 2015

The reason you unhappy in love

    Marry well, you still waiting for? But have none to that expectation? All my old people have their own families. He was alone you're alone in the world. actual ancient promise is just a lie. He just wants to help suffering children only. When asked, people never behave like that. I still hope for him in silhouette in a dream? If you and he will have a meeting again, then you can be sure that the love between two people who have been like before? I dare to believe that the two will stay together forever? Well, old has passed long ago. Would you please let go and see it as a dream.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Be honest to receive rewards from life

In life, honesty is always appreciated. Honest people sometimes get the surprise gift of life. Eg poor guy cut firewood in the forest profession to make a living selling it. The story is as follows:

Friday, October 23, 2015

I will continue to firmly step on this road

   Only a sense of fun, gentle, peaceful, and serene as now. That during so many years I could not have it. My life is one long chain of chaos and grief. The events in your life, the way of handling the situation wrong, the mistakes in my selecting a row happens. So my life has fallen into difficulties off the danger to others. Sometimes I feel like I'm standing on the brink of the fall. Fortunately I had enough courage, and self-esteem to overcome it.

Monday, October 19, 2015

5-year romance

     So did five years since the day we separated again. Emotions in children are returning to almost the status of 5 years ago. That day he was officially say goodbye em hometown river. Perhaps the gap in status, our class is too big, should have left him unable to pass. Or the day we are not really mature. How passionate mistake that has led us away. And our hearts are not enough tolerance, generosity to accept love as everything we like capital. ... The result is that we have apart. We went on two sides of life. I was weak, rotten coward so I was not able to start again. Because he has instilled the love you too much.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Steps to become a good person

       Everyone dreamed we were prince, princess fairytale like. We'll get everybody loved, pampered, served, cared. We are rich, do whatever they like. But not everyone is like that. Most of us are children of these workers in the social budget. We have no material conditions, full spirit. Even education we acquire is not the best. If not all of us have become geniuses. So, sometimes we were startled to see the position and his dignity in the society's low. So we must do to change ourselves? We have to do to become a good person in society. Then everyone in society will be loved and respected by us?

Monday, October 5, 2015

Live the standards of its own success

       A talented, virtuous, and educated sat in a high position in society, there is a common sense. But there are talented, have good moral, highly educated does not sit in a high position in society is why? They later have regretted that does not? Because according to my experience, something contrary to common sense were brought remorse for it later. One lifestyle to follow his daily habit, habit of harmony in society where they live is very important. When we left that would easily lead to mistakes and hurt. But in this society, no shortage of talented, virtuous, educated but not sit in a high position in society. Reasons are many, as most of them still hold the center of his heart.

Monday, September 28, 2015

One of the biggest mistakes of my life

       Last night I lost sleep. Until then sleep. So this morning I woke up quite late. I was awakened by a call from a phone number strange. People called me claiming to be an acquaintance of mine from when I was studying Intermediate. She said that after my course. With a voice quite despise and laugh full of patronizing. I really do not feel happy about her! Memories of the years of secondary school I came rushing back in.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Tomorrow is the Mid-Autumn Festival

     A working day is closed again. On my work today is still not good. In the morning I was awake but still in bed under a new forever after getting out of bed. The morning exercise made me 30 minutes to 10 hours truly starts a new day. As for the market today with my very bad. But what you want to purchase. But the purchase of carp on my porridge was unsuccessful. My attitude is not good with people. My mood was not comfortable when I returned home. While performance is quite high today. But if you eliminate the dead time. I believe that my work performance higher.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Thank you, boys of "The unilateral"

       Morning wake up, I heard a song called "Love unilaterally". This is the song I liked and was a regular boyfriend in class sing for me. Maybe he loved me more than I thought. However, I am jealous, angry, and misunderstood, and then he hurt a lot.

Monday, September 21, 2015

I want to be successful and happy in life

     I've tried very hard learning to change myself. Each year up a class, I learn so many new things and useful from books and life. I thought her talented older and stronger each day. But really, how distorted my school did I weakened, differences with themselves, and increasingly rotten coward than life. I realized my problem since I was 15 years old. But I did not change myself, I continued to follow the program and study habits of yourself. There are a few tips from some who are considered intellectuals educated and then for me. Some people say I should end academic career since his own to be able to get married. Because the more I go to school, my body becomes distorted, misshapen than natural instincts. The thinking and my thinking like that. Some say part of my thinking was too high compared to the social medium as compared with the time. Partly, it was too weak. Instead went ahead in that direction every day. I should try to do so in order to reach the equilibrium of the body.